Feedback on Customer Services

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


Why does the European Patent Office (EPO) conduct user satisfaction surveys?
The EPO conducts surveys to measure user satisfaction with the services it provides and to obtain information that will enable a review of the quality and efficiency of its internal processes in these areas.

Who is BERENT?
BERENT Deutschland GmbH is the contractor conducting the user satisfaction surveys on behalf of the EPO in the period 2018-2020. The contract was awarded to BERENT after an international open tender procedure run in 2017.


Why am I participating in this survey?
Either you decided to give the EPO your feedback via > Contact us > Complaints and feedback, or you were invited by email after the EPO resolved your recent enquiry.


How is anonymity ensured?
The survey data is securely stored separately from the data delivered by the EPO (e.g. CRM ticket number), and is delivered to the EPO in aggregated form only. BERENT's managers are members of ESOMAR (the world association for market, social and opinion research) and obliged to work in accordance with the rules and code of ESOMAR, guaranteeing that high professional and ethical standards are maintained.

How is my privacy ensured?
Survey sample data delivered by the EPO is used by BERENT only for the EPO's user satisfaction survey on its Customer Services.

Web questionnaire

I am having difficulty accessing the survey. What can I do?
To access your personalised questionnaire form, simply click the link (URL) in the email you received. If that does not work, copy the URL (web address) and paste it into your browser's address bar, then press Enter. This will take you directly to the correct page. Take care to copy the entire web address into the browser, bearing in mind that some addresses can spread over two lines. Make sure when copying the link that it does not contain any line breaks as this will also stop it from working.

How can I resume the survey after interrupting the process and closing the browser window?
Just click the personalised link in the email you received to continue from where you stopped last time.

Is it possible to go back to the previous question in a survey?
No. Once you submit an answer to a question and proceed to the next screen, you cannot go back to the previous question and change your answer. This methodology ensures the integrity and accuracy of the data collection procedure.

I made a mistake when filling in the survey. Can I correct it?
The online system is configured not to allow respondents' responses to be altered or deleted once they have been submitted. If you would like to redo the survey, contact BERENT at, who will provide you with a new survey link and delete any data previously supplied.

I want to answer the questionnaire in a different language. How can I change the language?
The questionnaire is available in three languages: English, French and German. You have received the questionnaire in your preferred language according to the EPO's databases. Please contact BERENT at if you want a different language, and BERENT will send you a new link.

Can I complete the survey on paper?
The survey is administered electronically so there is no paper version available. We hope this will not impact your decision to take it. We have endeavoured to ensure that the survey is easy to take online using a desktop or laptop computer; some limitations may, however, be visible on tablets or, in particular, smartphones.


How long will it take to complete the survey?
The survey should take about 30 seconds to complete. Should the EPO in future include additional general questions, for which you may opt in, the overall length of the questionnaire will be five minutes at most.

Do I have to complete the online survey all in one go?
We recommend that you complete the survey in one sitting.

Do I have to complete the survey at work?
You may complete the survey anywhere you like. If you receive an email invitation with a link to the online survey, you can forward it to a different email address and access the link from that email account.

General information

Where can I get more information about the survey?
For further details about this survey, visit
If you have general questions about EPO surveys, email
If you would like to contact the BERENT team, email

This survey is conducted by BERENT on behalf of the EPO
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